Men – Be like an astronaut while trying to conceive

In the recent addition of Acupuncture Today magazine (Nov 2022) there is an article highlighting NASA’s interest in acupuncture as a treatment modality for its astronauts on their Mars missions. The combined benefit of the minimal space required for acupuncture needles or acupuncture devices and the broad range of conditions acupuncture can treat make this treatment modality very appealing. Additionally, since acupuncture treatment works to trigger a change to the physiology and release of the [...]

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Gratitude post

I just read the words copied below as a "gratitude post" on a community social media page and feel *SO* strongly that we all need more of this perspective, view, and orientation. There are examples of this kind of generosity, presence and "extras" everywhere. Daily. The research is clear that noticing, naming, savouring and sharing them has significant impact. Both for our own well-being and for the people we share our lives with as well. [...]

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September wellness

Does September feel like the new January to you?⁠ As nature begins its transition to autumn colours and shorter, cooler days, there is a natural change to the rhythm of our days as well. The return to routine always feels notable to me this time of year and as much as there might be moments of resistance to summer fading, I am also aware of welcoming the fresh start of fall and the new opportunities [...]

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Summer Reading

This summer, my friend and I are having a contest to see who can read the most books....enjoyably, we are both still determined to be the winner!  Here are a few of my summer picks so far: Currently, because it came highly recommended by one of my patients, I am reading "A Fine Balance" by Rohinton Mistry. I love reading historical fiction novels set in India, so this has been quite the magnificent journey. I [...]

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There is more to you than sperm

When it comes to fertility and fertile potential, the quality of sperm and the genetics contained within that sperm are paramount. So what affects sperm quality and how might we be able to improve it? To answer this we should first consider that there is much more involved than just the reproductive organs in creating quality sperm. Take this analogy of a car and its wheels for example. Just because a car has wheels doesn’t [...]

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Toe the Line

Despite what the current May-cember weather situation would have us believe; summer is rapidly approaching. For many this means a welcome return to open toed shoes and more barefoot time. Finally your toes can breathe some fresh air and spread out a little after being constrained by ski boots, dress shoes and rain boots. Have a look at your feet next time they're not ensconced in a fashion-cast. Do your toes look like sausages crammed into [...]

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Eating for Endometriosis

What should I eat to help with my Endometriosis? If you typed this question into any search engine or social media site you will be inundated with numerous recommendations and products that all claim to have benefits. So what is the problem with this you ask? Not every woman experiences endometriosis in the same way, and therefore one specific diet will not work for everyone who has this condition. The strategy is often to decrease [...]

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Endometriosis affects an estimated 1 in 10 people around the world and can show up differently for each person affected by it. The symptoms can range from bloating and discomfort, chronic pelvic pain, pain with menstruation (dysmenorrhea), pain or cramping with intercourse, discomfort or pain with urination and bowel movements, to challenges with fertility. The severity and number of symptoms a person may experience may not be related to the size or proliferation of endometriotic [...]

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Reflections on Gratitude and the Unexpected – by Dr.Ginevra Mills

Guest post by Dr. Ginevra Mills (Olive Fertility Victoria) I had the pleasure of meeting Stephanie a few months ago through a professional acquaintance who believed that her and I would work well together with our mutual passion for fertility care.  She was not wrong, and since meeting, Stephanie and I have been in almost constant collaboration mode.  I was intrigued by Stephanie’s Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction course (MBSR) for infertility, and I decided to [...]

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Reflecting on Resolutions

Stephanie was invited to write this guest post for the Olive Fertility Centre: As the holiday season winds down, one more holiday tradition remains: pondering those pesky New Year’s resolutions. It's interesting that this tradition continues when research says only 8% of people actually achieve them! One of the problems with resolutions is that they can create effort mode, obsession with outcomes & notions of success & failure. The hazard of expectations on specific outcomes [...]

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