Coping with Mother's Day

For many women struggling with infertility, Mother's Day is one of the hardest days of the year.  The Hallmark holiday is filled with weeks of advertsing and sappy commercials, and for many, it is a deeply painful reminder of not yet being a mother yourself.

Every woman moves through their fertility journey differently and this article from the Resolve website called "Advice from your Community" is a heartful collection of quotes of how various women manage through this difficult day.

Having experienced infertility myself, this article called "This Year, Make Mother's Day Your Own" resonates with my heart as well.  Here is an excerpt:

Let this day become your own personal Empowerment Day. You may not feel that you have many choices about fertility treatment, but you absolutely do have choices about how you approach Mother's Day.

Rather than a day of “Why?” let this become a day of “How?” Ask yourself:

“How am I doing on my journey to parenting?”
“How do I need to change my perspective or treatment protocol?”
“How would I LIKE to spend the day?”

Let this be a decision day about where you are in your life, not just in your attempts to conceive. Let this be a day that is all about you. Embrace self-care as part of your quest to be a mother.

However you choose to honour yourself this Mother's Day, I offer my wish of gentleness and kindness with your heart.


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