I "Heart" Massage

Many studies on the benefits of massage therapy have been released over the years. There is much evidence for the beneficial effects of massage therapy for improving sleep, reducing pain, improving myofascial quality and function, as well as many other conditions. What many people don't know is that massage can be helpful for the cardiovascular system.

 Click here to read an article by a cardiologist callled "Why Massages Really Do Keep You Healthy".

Recent studies have shown that for people known to have mild to high blood pressure readings, massage has been proven to be effective at significantly reducing blood pressure; sometimes with only one treatment. Resting heart rate and even blood inflammation levels also were seen to decrease with massage as the driver in another study.

Whether you are interested in the science of massage therapy or not, it just FEELS good to decompress, down-regulate, and de-stress. Your heart and blood vessels will be better for it too.


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