A Pizza Photo Essay (Gluten-free, yeast-free and almost lactose free!)

 I was really, really craving pizza one day- which is extra torturesome if you don't eat gluten, dairy or yeast. I decided however, that I would try to come as close as possible to baking a delicious pizza pie. As close as as possible to what I remember a pizza tasting like. I think it's been eight years since I have had a "real" sllice of pizza- which is probably a good thing because it helps with minimizing the disappointment of something not tasting like you remember it tasting. 

Without further ado- here is the pizza crust recipe I used (it's a nifty video). I used this cheese, which only contains 0.5% lactose because of the way it is aged. It is also raw, unpasteurized and organic. I can eat almost a whole block without any digestive consequences. (I know this because I have tried.) If you are curious, you can find it at Market on Yates. 

Use any topping you like! I used roasted jalapenos, green olives and sundried tomatoes. You'll notice one half of the pizza looks different than the other, and that's because my partner wanted different toppings. It was the perfect compromise.

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