Valentine's Sugar-free Chocolate

 This was my first attempt at making chocolate- and it wasn't perfect. But with some tweaking, I think this could be my new favourite pastime. There is literally nothing unhealthy about this chocolate, which makes it a great addition to your diet. When you start off with unsweetened baking chocolate you are looking at a decent source of a number of minerals including zinc, copper, manganese, magnesium and iron. The important thing to remember is what kind of sweetener you use. The higher the glycemic load of your sweetener, the less healthy this treat will be!


For these heart shaped chocolates, I used:


2 large squares (half a package) of Sharfen Berger Unsweetened Chocolate (Market on Yates)

12 chips of Harmonic Art Cocoa Butter (Mother Nature's Market)

1 heaping tbsp of Xylitol (Market on Yates)

6-8 drops of Vanilla Stevia

Heat all the ingredients on low heat in a pain and stir until dissolved and combined. Pour into candy mold of choice and place in the fridge to harden. I sprinkled mine with sea salt. 


I would definitely try this again and play with the sweetners and the amount of cocoa butter. I found this batch quite bitter and the sweet had a funny after taste I suspect from the stevia. My next round will be made with coconut palm sugar, and more cocoa butter. I also have it on good authority that you can use cocoa powder instead of baking chocolate. - buy viagra no prescription buy viagra online <a href="">buy cheap viagra</a>


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