Mindful Mamas

Are you a mother who sometimes feels overwhelmed? Would you like to develop and maintain a regular meditation practice to help bring balance to your life?

Mindfulness meditation helps to cultivate moment-to-moment, non-judgemental awareness, both on the cushion and in our day-to-day lives. This class series is an opportunity to practice together in a supportive environment with other moms. As we create a wider depth of kindness, patience and compassion towards ourselves, we can in turn bring this home to our families.

Each gathering will begin with a 10min guided relaxation followed by a 30min sitting, 15min audio lecture or reading on mindfulness and conclude with a discussion and inquiry about the lecture/reading.

All mothers (including soon-to-be mamas) and levels of experience with meditation are welcome (including those new to meditation).  These 75min are an opportunity for restoration and nurturing yourself; please leave babies and children at home so that your attention can be focused on you.

Chairs, yoga mats, bolsters and blankets are available for our use, but bring your own sitting gear if you wish.

When –  NO SESSIONS 2018

Where – Lynn Wylie/Helga Beer Yoga Studio at 1600 Bay St (near Shelbourne)

Phone  250-383-2626
Email  scurran@elementscentre.ca
Please also visit our Facebook page for updates- Mindful Mamas.

$160 (includes GST) - please call or email to register
* a scholarship may be available for those in need, please enquire

Instructor -Stephanie Curran, Acupuncturist and Director of the Elements of Health Centre (and a mom!), is a long-time practitioner of mediation and yoga. She has received teacher training in Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction from MBSR founder, Jon Kabat Zinn and has completed a variety of other course work in teaching mindfulness, including the Mindful Schools program for teaching mindfulness to children.  Please click here for more details about Stephanie's training and bio.

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