Gentle readers, next time you are texting on your space-age wonder-phone, please consider paying attention to something: your posture. Boring, right? But here's the thing; if you're like most people, you sit at a desk for hours in a slumped C-shape before going home and collapsing into your soft, horrible couch in another variation of [...]

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Did you know apples help ease nausea?

After a recent bout of what might have been food poisoning, I have a newfound appreciation for apples. Whether it was the steamed salmon I had for dinner the night before or a flu virus I picked up, I awoke at 4 am with terrible nausea, vertigo, profuse sweating and full body shakes. Not exactly [...]

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Breastfeeding – reflections and resources

It's World Breastfeeding Week Aug.1-7 and seeing all the posts and articles being shared on social media has me once again reflecting on my experience of breastfeeding our daughter 7 years ago.  She and I struggled together tremendously with getting her to open her mouth and latch properly.  But despite the painful nipples, blocked ducts, [...]

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