I am so delighted.  Making the decision to grow some food has brought me so much joy and I feel tremendous appreciation for the simplicity of it all.  Especially during a time when I often find myself fluctuating in and out of states of worry, distress and unease.

As someone who is relatively new to gardening, it has been so lovely to connect with neighbours and family members for guidance and advice, to map out a “plan”, leaf through seed catalogues, choose veggie starts from a local urban farm (thank you Mason St Farm!) and begin the process of prepping our garden beds.

Having my hands in the dirt and connecting with the earth has been so very stabilizing for my nervous system.  My mom and my daughter were outside wth me today too and having three generations of us preparing the land to grow the food that will feed us in the coming months was such a beautiful blessing.

So many people have been generous in sharing their knowledge.  If you’re like me and don’t really know what you’re doing but feel inspired to start with a little bit of something,  I hope this list of the local resources I have gathered is helpful!

Guidance and information

  • Linda Gilkeson – So much local west cost info on this website.  Plus she has a free newsletter with monthly/seasonal tips and is now offering access to her full master class online at no charge.
  • West Coast Seeds – A wonderful resource for gardening wisdom with simple charts and easy to access information on growing fruits and veggies year round (*due to high demand, currently 30 day delay in shipping for seed orders)
  • Oregon State University – Their master gardener program is currently FREE!

Where to find seeds

High quality soil

Happy planting everyone!