Your Flip Flops are Trying to Kill You!

Hooray for summer! Winter clothes are banished to the back of the closet and our favourite summer t shirts, shorts and flip flops are loving fully being the spotlight. Unfortunately, your beloved flimsy, airy, and innocent looking footwear have been darkly scheming and conspiring against you. Today the sun is shining brightly, songbirds are belting out the hits and the joy of strolling in open-toed footwear in the warm mid-summer sunshine is impossible to resist. [...]

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Merry Orbs

These merry little orbs do indeed live up to their name. They make me happy every time I pop one in my mouth! I have been on the hunt for a recipe like this for awhile: a quick, easy snack for keeping my energy going in between meals that is high in protein and low in sugar.  So many of the packaged bars in grocery stores are too sweet, even the "healthy" ones.  And you [...]

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National Smoothie Day (Summer Solstice)

On the first day of summer, also known as national smoothie day, we would like to send out a public service announcement to please protect your digestion and enjoy those smoothies warm. Wait a second, WARM???? Yup, that’s right. Especially if you plan on starting your day with that smoothie, it is best to support your digestion, which wants to be warm, by taking in your nutrients at a temperature closer to room temperature or [...]

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Get Up Stand Up

While Bob Marley may not have had a degree in kinesiology (he leaned more towards "herbology") he was on to something with his advice above. He may not have even been encouraging us to stand up for our right to psoas suppleness or metabolic magnificence. The man, however, was wise. Fact is, we sit more on average than ever before and it is slowly turning us into C-shaped, Gollum-like desk and couch slaves. Not only [...]

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Men’s Health Week

So why dedicate a week in June to bring attention to Men’s Health? The fact of the matter is that it is not so much about the reproductive organs that differentiate males from females, or the genetics but in how men typically cope with their health issues and the contributing factors that make them more susceptible to life threatening conditions, such as heart disease.

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Launching new website

The transition from spring to summer is almost upon us. This time of year is always so magnificent in Victoria as we witness the transformation from the seeds planted to the new growth and blooms all around us. At the Elements of Health Centre, we have been undergoing a similar gestation of renewal and rebirth these past months and we are excited to now ‘blossom’ with the launch of our new look and website! We [...]

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