Welcome to Movember!

Welcome once again to Movember, the month of the year when men get their lip sweaters out to draw our attention to men’s health. What started as a grass roots movement to increase awareness about prostate cancer, has now grown to a global movement for the funding of research and educational outreach programs to address both prostate and testicular cancer, as well as mental health and suicide prevention. I have participated in this movement for [...]

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Pumpkin Cupcakes

There are so many ways to enjoy pumpkins this time of year and these cupcakes are a favourite in our house!  They are grain-free, nut-free and sweetened with dates so fit most people's dietary needs and best of all, they are delicious! I discovered this recipe a few years ago in a cookbook called Nourishing Meals and I cannot say enough good things about the whole book. Every single meal or soup or baked good [...]

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12min to better back health

Many people are currently working from home in sub-optimal ergonomic situations. I hear about it daily in my practice.  Not everyone is comfortable being back at the gym and the motivation to exercise and mobilize may be lacking in some. Backs and necks are protesting, butts are getting weaker from sitting so much, and things could be better. SO much better. This is an excellent 12 minute video demonstrating a few different dynamic standing postures [...]

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Fall harvesting for minestrone soup

The bounty from our garden today was squash!  My neighbour gave me a tiny wee seedling back in the spring and as anyone who has grown squash before knows, we now have LOTS of squash!  I've never cooked or tasted crookneck squash before and I was delighted to discover after doing a google search that you can eat the whole and seeds included!  It's very much like zucchini and I'm going to try baking [...]

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Summer Reading

Ahhh, lounging with a book in the warmth of these beautiful summer days is just glorious, isn't it?! Here are some titles of fiction and non-fiction books that we are enjoying this summer: Stefanie: I have been re-reading the Dune series by Frank Herbert and am currently on God Emperor of Dune. I've also just started reading Entangled life: How fungi make our worlds, change our minds & shape our futures by Merlin Sheldrake and it's been a [...]

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Strawberry Almond Milk with Rose Water

I made this recipe today for the first time and it was SO delicious.  Partly because the strawberries are the last of the harvest from our garden (I love eating the food we grow so much!) and also because I adore rose water.  Any time I can infuse something with the smell or taste of roses, it makes me happy. This recipe is simple to make and nutritious. It is low in natural sugar, alkaline [...]

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Mmmmmm muffins!

I just made these beauties for the first time this morning...YUM!  Love discovering new go-to recipes and this is definitely one of them.  Simple ingredients, quick and easy to make, and everyone in our family gave them a big thumbs up.  Next time I'll double the recipe! 1 cup oat flour 1 cup almond flour * you can make both flours from whole oats + almonds in a vitamix ¾ tsp baking soda MIX dry [...]

By |April 16th, 2020|Food & Nutrition|

Growing a veggie garden

I am so delighted.  Making the decision to grow some food has brought me so much joy and I feel tremendous appreciation for the simplicity of it all.  Especially during a time when I often find myself fluctuating in and out of states of worry, distress and unease. As someone who is relatively new to gardening, it has been so lovely to connect with neighbours and family members for guidance and advice, to map out [...]

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Best pizza dough recipe

For a while now I have been experimenting with different pizza dough recipes, trying to get the taste and consistency of thin crust pizza. As a family we don't eat any dairy, so the purpose of pizza for us is not just a vehicle for the delivery of cheese. Every aspect of the pizza has to shine and a good crust really makes the difference. I found this Best NY style Pizza dough recipe from [...]

By |March 24th, 2020|Food & Nutrition|

We know how to do this

"When a widespread difficulty like the Coronavirus pandemic grows, it becomes important to draw on our inner strength. It is the time to pause, reflect and bring wisdom, courage and care to ourselves and those around us. We human beings have survived for a thousand generations, helping one another and inspiring each other. We know how to do this. Instead of getting caught in collective fear and anxiety, we can remember to take a breath, [...]

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