Did you know apples help ease nausea?

After a recent bout of what might have been food poisoning, I have a newfound appreciation for apples. Whether it was the steamed salmon I had for dinner the night before or a flu virus I picked up, I awoke at 4 am with terrible nausea, vertigo, profuse sweating and full body shakes. Not exactly [...]

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Which PCOS diet is best for you?

PCOS affects more than just our fertility. Our entire body, including our endocrine, metabolic, reproductive, psychological, cardiovascular, and digestive systems are all touched in some way by this syndrome. Therefore, there is not one specific diet for PCOS. It is important to work with your health care provider to determine which diet is best suited [...]

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Merry Orbs

These merry little orbs do indeed live up to their name. They make me happy every time I pop one in my mouth! I have been on the hunt for a recipe like this for awhile: a quick, easy snack for keeping my energy going in between meals that is high in protein and low [...]

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National Smoothie Day (Summer Solstice)

On the first day of summer, also known as national smoothie day, we would like to send out a public service announcement to please protect your digestion and enjoy those smoothies warm. Wait a second, WARM???? Yup, that’s right. Especially if you plan on starting your day with that smoothie, it is best to support [...]

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