First Visit

Acupuncture – What To Expect From Your First Treatment

During your initial visit with us, one of our therapists will listen to your concerns and take a complete medical history with you. While our attention will be focused on your main health concern, we will also pay close attention to the symptoms and functioning of all the systems in your body. This holistic approach is fundamental to the practice of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

After carefully reviewing your case history your practitioner will explain your Chinese medical diagnosis, answer any questions you may have and discuss their recommendations with you. Treatment plans are always customized to address each patient’s unique constitution. Along with acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine, your practitioner may also offer suggestions for self care including dietary and lifestyle modifications, relaxation techniques and physical exercise.

Your initial acupuncture session is 60 minutes and will include a short acupuncture treatment as well. Please wear loose, comfortable clothing and arrive at your session without being either hungry or overly full. Please also bring any lab reports or charts you may have that are related to your condition; we will make a copy and include this in your chart at our centre.

Massage Therapy – What To Expect From Your First Visit

Your Massage Therapy appointment will begin by discussing your current symptoms and treatment goals. This information will help your therapist to determine the appropriate assessment protocols and to create a personalized treatment plan. Your Registered Massage Therapist (RMT) will then explain the massage process and answer any questions you may have about your condition or the course of treatment itself. In order to maintain your privacy, your therapist will then leave the room so that you may undress to your comfort level and get on to the table. Upon returning to the room, your RMT will provide you with a therapeutic massage that is specific to your individual concerns.

Your first visit will be scheduled for a minimum of 45 minutes in order to accommodate a comprehensive initial assessment.

What to expect after your Massage Therapy treatment:

Most people leave their massage therapy treatments feeling very relaxed. However if you received deep tissue work, you may experience slight tenderness that lasts for a day or two. We recommend that you drink plenty of water after your treatment in order to flush away any toxins that were released during the massage. Your therapist will also advise you of homecare activities that will help to decrease any discomfort and prolong the benefits of your massage treatment.

If you have any further questions regarding our treatments please contact us.

Pelvic Health Physiotherapy: What to expect at your first visit

Your first physiotherapy visit will start with a conversation about your presenting concerns, health history, and goals for attending physiotherapy. Your physiotherapist will then explain to you the benefits and risks of doing an internal pelvic floor assessment. After obtaining your informed consent to proceed with the assessment, your therapist will look at your posture, low back, hips, and abdominals. Next, your physiotherapist will perform the internal pelvic floor exam by observing and palpating with a gloved finger the perineal region (vagina and/or rectum). Your physiotherapist will assess the muscle tone, strength, and endurance of your pelvic floor muscles. You may withdraw your consent at any time during the session. After the assessment is complete your physiotherapist will discuss with you a proposed treatment plan and may prescribe you exercises to do at home. You will have the opportunity to ask your therapist any questions you might have about the assessment or the proposed treatment plan.

What to expect after your physiotherapy assessment/treatment:

You are likely to leave with a better understanding of your condition and how to manage your symptoms. However, you may experience temporary aggravation of your current symptoms, or an increase in physical and/or emotional discomfort. You may also experience light bleeding. An adverse reaction should not last for more than 2-3 days.

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