Preconception Program

Whether you are trying to conceive naturally or are planning to use assisted reproduction treatments like IUI or IVF, our preconception program can help optimize your fertility and prepare your body for a healthy pregnancy.
Western science has shown that the recruitment process for a woman’s follicles begins three to five months prior to ovulation, and for men the process for sperm development takes 90 to 100 days. This is why it’s ideal to start a preconception program at least three months before trying to conceive in order to provide the optimum environment for fertilization, implantation and the development of a healthy baby.
Our preconception program uses a combination of herbal formulas, fertility acupuncture, diet therapy, supplements, lifestyle counseling, and mindfulness techniques that are specifically designed to balance your reproductive hormones and create the best possible environment for you egg to grow and develop.

Your Treatment Plan

During your initial visit, one of our therapists will listen to your concerns and go over your complete medical history with you.

After carefully reviewing your case history, your practitioner will explain your Chinese medical diagnosis and discuss their recommendations with you. Treatment plans are always customized to address each patient’s unique constitution.

Your treatment plan will include an explanation on how to observe, chart and interpret your body’s fertility signs. Understanding and following your body’s own natural cues will help you maximize your chances of conceiving.

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