Massage Therapy For Motor Vehicle Injuries

Massage Therapy is commonly prescribed when a patient has experienced a motor vehicle accident.

Your General Practitioner may suggest you visit a Massage Therapist in order to assist you with both your physical and emotional recovery.

How Can Massage Therapy Help You?
  • Massage Therapy significantly reduces stress and helps to achieve relaxation. Involvement in a motor vehicle accident can induce various degrees of anxiety which is absolutely normal. Massage Therapy may help in managing this condition and may also reduce the short term physical and emotional effects of the initial shock and trauma.
  • Massage Therapy can address specific musculoskeletal injuries and pain which may arise after your accident (even a long time after). These injuries include whiplash, shoulder sprains, headaches, neck pain and back pain.
  • As Massage Therapy promotes circulation of both blood and lymph, treatment straight after your accident can help manage any swelling that you may experience due to injury.
  • Massage Therapy will also help with improving your range of motion if it has been limited due to injury.
  • Massage Therapy can also limit or prevent the formation of scar tissue or other myofascial adhesions.

A Registered Massage Therapist will put together a comprehensive treatment plan that will assist you with your rehabilitation. This plan may not be limited to just Massage Therapy, it may also include postural and therapeutic exercises and stretches and other forms of self care.

“I have been receiving massage treatments from Christopher Curran for over ten years. In that time he has relieved my pain and accelerated my healing from two very severe injuries. Without his support my recovery would have taken an extremely long time. I feel fortunate that I found such a talented and caring health professional.”

Glenn, Elements of Health Patient