Perinatal Mindfulness Groups

If you have experienced perinatal loss, you are not alone – you deserve the wrap around support of a community who cares and understands.  We offer 2-3 programs per quarter and the groups we currently offer are:

  • 1st trimester loss

  • 2nd & 3rd trimester loss

  • Postpartum with a Rainbow Baby

Our 6 week online programs combine the ideas of mindfulness, self-compassion, and meditative practices and are held in a supportive community with others who have a shared experience of this journey.


  1. Step out of unhelpful thought patterns.

  2. Recognize and be more aware of mind-body processes.

  3. Access new, more compassionate ways to relate to depression, anxiety and other aspects of experience.

  4. Gently turn towards and engage with difficult and challenging experiences and emotions.


  • 90 min weekly sessions online

  • 6 sessions total; closed group format

  • Regular attendance and completion of daily mindfulness home practice is essential

  • Group size 10-12 participants


Visit the Full Circle Perinatal Care webpage for upcoming dates and online registration

“Giving your body and mind and heart space to just be is such a kindness at a time when you need it so much.”

Emma C, Program participant