Acupressure for Labour Workshops – Patient Stories


The acupressure worked wonders for me during labour! My husband used a number of the techniques during my labour coupled with me using the comb pressure. We didn’t have this knowledge with our first born daughter’s labour. Both labours were back labour and the contractions were much more tolerable during this labour due to the acupressure… in fact I was in disbelief when my midwife told me that she was in the posterior position…my contractions with her were much more bearable so I thought for sure she was in the face down position. With my first daughter I really wanted the drugs – and used laughing gas, morphine and then went for the epidural. This time I didn’t feel that I needed any drugs. All I can say is that acupressure rocks for labour!! I asked my pre-natal yoga instructor to pass on to her current students that you offer an acupressure workshop. ~ EV

It helped me focus on the labour and getting through it instead of dreading the next contraction.  ~LT

I found it calming, some pain relief and a feeling of support…I was frustrated when my partner stopped using the techniques as I felt alone as well as in more pain. ~TU

We did the birth prep points every night. Very helpful, we found that we had great chats while practicing the points. ~TO

I found the lower back and shoulder points felt the best. The lower back points helped relieve pressure in the pelvic and lower back area. The shoulder points helped with shoulder tension and relaxation. ~ME

I used the point that helps with “let down” both to help with breastfeeding and the 3rd day “baby blues”. I found this very helpful. ~MT

Support People

It gave me something I could do rather than standing there helpless wishing I could help. It seemed to provide some relief. ~JU

I felt that doing the acupressure points brought me closer to my wife. I was able to connect with her on a daily basis by practicing the birth prep points and providing some relief to her aches and pains. ~SE

Positive reaction from my wife which lead to a positive outlook. This made me want to help even more. ~JD

We did use the relax points before the cesarean. Calming effects were great and yes we did feel connected through this. ~BC

We appreciated your knowledge and learned a lot from it. Our birth was natural and a lot of it was not only the points, but how acupressure helps a couple feel connected and a partner feel useful and helpful. ~CD

Health Care Providers

I have found that all of the points I use to be helpful. They are very beneficial to the moms I work with, and dads or partners are thrilled to have a way to help the mom through labour! ~ doula

A great resource for primary care providers – a useful tool to add to our support skills for women and partners ~ midwife

I had great results in one labour….. I used the shoulder points, low back, and the hand. They still felt like they were in a lot of pain, but managed to cope through the entire labour with little to no analgesic use. ~MD