Women’s Health – Patient Stories

Recovery post hystorectomy and cervical cancer

I was referred to Stephanie Curran through a trusted medical professional. After undergoing a radical hysterectomy for cervical cancer I was having difficulty with muscles and joints, numbness around my abdominal incision, and emotional ups and downs having been thrown into an early menopause from my surgery. Not only did I find a great physical benefit from acupuncture with Stephanie, I found the process to be enlightening and mood lifting. We worked through muscle and joint pain and clicking, awakened my abdominal area from its post-surgery numbness, and received nurturing support and understanding, which was so needed and appreciated. Along with diet and supplement suggestions, I have found myself on a new path, and I am happy to say I am now feeling like my old self, only a much more whole version of myself. A mindful self, living in and enjoying the moments while they happen, and not just passing through like a visiting relative. I am very thankful I was referred to Stephanie and recommend her wholeheartedly. ~ Brandy Saturley

Menopause – making my life miserable…

The night sweats, disturbed sleep and continuing hot flashes were making my life miserable. It is with pleasure that I write a few words of thanks and praise to Stephanie Curran for the treatments I received with respect to the discomfort I was experiencing as I went through menopause. During the months of February and March, 2007, I received approximately 5 or 6 acupuncture treatments together with herbs from Stephanie…

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Severe menstrual pain (endometriosis)

I wanted to write you a card to say thank you so much for helping me this year. I can’t believe how much the acupuncture and your care has made such a huge difference in my life….really, I can’t! You have helped me in so many more ways than I can explain. You have helped me live a pain-free life – something that I am so grateful for. I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate all that you’ve done, you’re wonderful! ~ Kasi Viaud


I have been experiencing perimenopausal symptoms for the past couple of years, particularly hot flashes and night sweats, which have lead to insomnia, a general sense of restlessness and what I can best describe as “foggy brain”…

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Bipolar disorder / sexual issues / menstrual pain

Seeing Stephanie has allowed me to open up new doors in realizing the connections in my body and the importance of a holistic mind-body approach to health issues. Regular acupuncture application has helped me regulate my menstrual cycles and alleviate severe pain during my period. It has also been beneficial for helping my mental stability which can be undermined by my bipolar disorder. I have also approached Stephanie for help with the negative sexual side effects of the medications I am taking…

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Traditional Chinese Medicine created health in my life while I was going through some difficult transitions with perimenopause. Under Stephanie’s guidance and encouragement I felt I could actually do something positive for my overall health and sense of well being rather than HRT treatments offered by allopathic medicine.

Acupuncture was a source of renewed energy for me and the Chinese herbs were provided in such convenient packages. They were so easy to take that I could take them anywhere, even on our holiday in Mexico! I feel fortunate to have Stephanie as my health care provider and would recommend TCM and herbs to any woman going through menopause. ~ CM

Severe endometriosis

I began seeing Stephanie on the recommendation of my OBGYN. I had been diagnosed with endometriosis after laparoscopic surgery that revealed what my surgeon referred to as “severe endometriosis”, so much so my left ovary had been pulled down and affixed itself. Prior to surgery I had debilitating pain during my period and moderate pain periodically. Every month it was the same…

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At age 47, I had suffered about six years of unusually heavy menstrual bleeding, which coincided with my mother’s lengthy and ultimately fatal neuro-muscular disease. A few months after she passed, I bled continuously for eight weeks, ending up in hospital attended by gynecologists, who performed biopsies (it was not cancer) and prescribed birth control pills. While the pills stopped the bleeding, the side effects were insufferable. I then tried a cervical ring, which could not hold back my menses. So I stopped all prescriptions, cut out caffeine and alcohol, and pursued an option suggested by my gynecologist – Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)…

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