Breath work is something I always keep my eye on, as I’ve seen time and again breathing doing wonders to help people rest and recover from life’s stressors.

So when James Nestor’s book, Breath, came across my desk I couldn’t help but dive in.  It’s a quick, yet thorough read on the history of breathing and how differing societies have used breath work to help those in need and to bring about focus in a crazy world.

To say the publication of this book is timely is an understatement. When it comes to stress, the low level, seemingly unending worry we’ve collectively had over the past year is the worst for our health. Exacerbated by working at make-shift desk set-ups at home, or experiencing longer bouts of compressed postures from hanging out indoors and sitting for most of our days.

More than ever we need to re-align ourselves with the power of our breath and let it bring us back to a state of calm and strength.

Proper breathing techniques can make any task seem easier, physically or mentally. I highly recommend this book, as a beginner’s look into the world of breathing or for even those with knowledge on the subject. While going over the history of breath work it also details some exercises and activities to try in your daily life. 

It’s amazing that something as simple as adjusting the way we breathe can be so positively impactful for our health.

~ written by Stefanie Gillett RMT