Our fledgling world has become an incredibly complex and high-technology driven little sphere in the vast and apparent swirling chaos of the greater universe. We are constantly seeing the fringe of what is possible crashing through the barriers of what was previously considered impossible. God particles. Nano-bots. String Theory. Cadbury’s secret. Exciting and complex times we live in. But often the simplest and most elegant solutions to problems are the most impressive.

Enter the foam roller. This modest and unassuming chunk of cylindrical foam is changing people’s posture, preventing/rehabbing injuries, and mobilizing fascia one sling at a time. And all without batteries, complex algorithms, or weird science. ‘Cause that’s just how it rolls.

The foam roller has finally come of age as the body’s fascial tooth brush. Simple yet effective. Elegant even. You might ask yourself, “OK, so when should I roll? Before or after a workout?”. Excellent question. Roll over this link to become enlightened in the way of the roller and be sure to watch a few videos to teach you how to foam roller correctly.

That’s all there is to it! You’re just a few rolls away from faster recovery, greater flexibility, and better blood circulation.