For a while now I have been experimenting with different pizza dough recipes, trying to get the taste and consistency of thin crust pizza. As a family we don’t eat any dairy, so the purpose of pizza for us is not just a vehicle for the delivery of cheese. Every aspect of the pizza has to shine and a good crust really makes the difference.

I found this Best NY style Pizza dough recipe from Feeling Foodish that has been my go to recipe for the past couple months. The only caveat to making pizza dough this way is you have to plan ahead. If you wanted pizza tonight, you are already too late. This recipe calls for time, and since that is what a lot of us have right now, why not give it a try.

There is a great video on how to stretch the dough which is easy to follow. The consistency of the dough after it has had cold fermentation is so much easier to work with as well.

Once you have the dough, you can top it with whatever amazing creation you can think of. The one pictured was topped with balsamic marinated kale and grape tomatoes, green olives, roasted cauliflower, red peppers and basil. The sauce is just crushed tomatoes with basil and a touch of olive oil. For cheese we use Daiya Cutting Board Style Mozzarella style shreds.