Strawberry Almond Milk with Rose Water

I made this recipe today for the first time and it was SO delicious.  Partly because the strawberries are the last of the harvest from our garden (I love eating the food we grow so much!) and also because I adore rose water.  Any time I can infuse something with the smell or taste of [...]

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Ma Po Tofu – a recipe for MOvember

Not only is November, the month of MOvember and men’s health awareness, it also happens to be World Vegan month. How do these cross-over you ask?  The answer is well exhibited in this amazing recipe for the Sichuan delicacy, Ma Po Tofu. This past year, our family turned up the focus on eating a more [...]

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Did you know apples help ease nausea?

After a recent bout of what might have been food poisoning, I have a newfound appreciation for apples. Whether it was the steamed salmon I had for dinner the night before or a flu virus I picked up, I awoke at 4 am with terrible nausea, vertigo, profuse sweating and full body shakes. Not exactly [...]

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