I just read the words copied below as a “gratitude post” on a community social media page and feel *SO* strongly that we all need more of this perspective, view, and orientation.

There are examples of this kind of generosity, presence and “extras” everywhere. Daily. The research is clear that noticing, naming, savouring and sharing them has significant impact. Both for our own well-being and for the people we share our lives with as well.

I hope your heart feels as touched as mine. And that this inspires intentionally noticing the simple, everyday sweet moments that are available…always.

Gratitude Post…
-To Dr. Brown at Urgent Care downtown and the entire team, you are incredible people and thank you for your care on Sunday.
-To the short-staffed pharmacy staff at Save-On at Fort, I saw your patience with customers ahead of me. I could tell you had been working hard all day, but that didn’t stop you from taking an extra minute to help a gentleman that really needed it. You are special people!
-To all staff, pretty much everywhere, who are working hard on limited resources and people, thank you!