Gratitude post

I just read the words copied below as a "gratitude post" on a community social media page and feel *SO* strongly that we all need more of this perspective, view, and orientation. There are examples of this kind of generosity, presence and "extras" everywhere. Daily. The research is clear that noticing, naming, savouring and sharing [...]

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Reflections on Gratitude and the Unexpected – by Dr.Ginevra Mills

Guest post by Dr. Ginevra Mills (Olive Fertility Victoria) I had the pleasure of meeting Stephanie a few months ago through a professional acquaintance who believed that her and I would work well together with our mutual passion for fertility care.  She was not wrong, and since meeting, Stephanie and I have been in almost [...]

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Welcoming 2021 with intention

Stephanie was invited to write the following guest post for the Olive Fertility Centre: As the holiday season winds down and we prepare to begin a new year, one more holiday tradition still remains: pondering those pesky New Year's resolutions. It's interesting (and perhaps unfortunate!) that this tradition continues when research indicates only 8% of [...]

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We know how to do this

"When a widespread difficulty like the Coronavirus pandemic grows, it becomes important to draw on our inner strength. It is the time to pause, reflect and bring wisdom, courage and care to ourselves and those around us. We human beings have survived for a thousand generations, helping one another and inspiring each other. We know [...]

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Become Sea Glass – Brave the Waves!

I remember reading this post about sea glass some years ago and feeling deeply touched at the time.  It’s the kind of wisdom that the heart recognizes as truth and it made me take pause… to reflect and to feel my heart be tenderized by the beauty of the imagery.  I’ve just come across it [...]

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