Gentle readers, next time you are texting on your space-age wonder-phone, please consider paying attention to something: your posture.

Boring, right? But here’s the thing; if you’re like most people, you sit at a desk for hours in a slumped C-shape before going home and collapsing into your soft, horrible couch in another variation of the letter “C” for a couple of more hours in front of the tv. In between (or even during) these long maintained and entrenched traditions, you are texting or Facebook updating or scrolling Instagram or checking email etc with your chin resting firmly on your sternum, your shoulders slumped, back rounded, and beady, squinty eyes fixed unblinking on the tiny, hypnotic screen. Looking far ahead into the bleak future, humans will finally give up on this exhausting erect posture fiasco, de-evolve and close the C-shape into a perfect “O” and roll off into the sunset, never to be seen uphill again.

Thankfully, since you are here on the EOHC blog reading this, you are fully invested in your health and are ahead of the curve. You are informed. You are not like most people. You’re mobilizing stiff areas in your body, you’re getting out and moving in a vigorous way nearly every day, you recycle your bottles, you wave in gratitude at the car who just let you in line. You are pretty amazing. We love you for being you. But your texting posture is horrible despite all these other amazing things you are doing.

Correct Texting Position (CTP):

1. Standing, screw your feet into the ground (feel your feet under your shoulders “spreading the ground apart”).

2. Feel your glutes, back, and stomach contract just enough to give you a feeling of stability. No cocking the hip out to the side, locking the knees, or shoving the hips forward so that you can hang off of your passive structures. You are a dynamic machine; look sharp, no sagging into oblivion.

3. Maintain neutral position (not arched, but not flat) in your lower and upper spine with your head up as if looking forward to a bright future.

4. Hold your phone/tablet with elbows at your side high enough so that you can gimble your eyes down without feeling your head tilt forward. Enjoy the lack of burning neck pain, and text like the wind! All free, unencumbered and easy-like. Like a bird even. A glorious, texting, giant bird. Who’s free.

So what’s it going to be? Are you just going to pathetically shrug with a half-hearted croak of “Well, that’s just how I roll”, or will you roar like a lion, clawing yourself upright and ferociously maintaining your majestic posture with a battle cry of “I am iRect!”

Text gloriously upright and free, like a bird, or the wind.


Photo by Daria Nepriakhina on Unsplash