Welcome once again to Movember, the month of the year when men get their lip sweaters out to draw our attention to men’s health. What started as a grass roots movement to increase awareness about prostate cancer, has now grown to a global movement for the funding of research and educational outreach programs to address both prostate and testicular cancer, as well as mental health and suicide prevention.

I have participated in this movement for about a decade now and for several of those years my cookie duster game was pretty strong. This year, I won’t be growing a moustache as in previous years, both because it won’t fit well under a face mask but also because I have decided to show my support in another way.

This current global pandemic has affected us all and for many of us it has challenged our ability to stay connected. So, for this year I would like to encourage us all to think about the male role models we have had in our lives and the positive impact they have had.

Think about those that see you as a role model, the example you set and the legacy you will leave and how might you carry on the legacy of the role models that influenced you? If it is possible, reach out and let your role models know how special they are to your life. If they have passed, is it possible to let their family know how much that person meant to you. Did you share the experience of that role model with a close friend or family member, maybe you could get in touch with them to share the memory of that role model?

Connect with and thank those that made a difference and share the stories that have influenced you and the legacy you are creating.