In the recent addition of Acupuncture Today magazine (Nov 2022) there is an article highlighting NASA’s interest in acupuncture as a treatment modality for its astronauts on their Mars missions.

The combined benefit of the minimal space required for acupuncture needles or acupuncture devices and the broad range of conditions acupuncture can treat make this treatment modality very appealing. Additionally, since acupuncture treatment works to trigger a change to the physiology and release of the body’s own chemicals, the individual is not ingesting medications that cause chemicals to be released in the urine which ultimately get recycled back into the water system for the whole space ship. So not only does acupuncture treatment have minimal to no side effects for the individual, there is also no side effect to the shared environment onboard.

Some of the conditions that acupuncture is going to be used to support includes: muscle wasting and bone density loss, pain and inflammation, decreased immunity, impaired vision, body fluid loss, radiation exposure and insomnia.

Acupuncture has a great effect for supporting and regulating the body’s natural physiology. In addition to the above indications, it is also a helpful intervention for optimizing the male reproductive system and benefiting spermatogenesis.

Our clinic is much closer than Mars and you don’t need to wear a special suit for your visit, just a mask. Gravity keeps us firmly rooted on the earth but many clients do report feeling like they float out of the clinic after their treatments.