“From powerful seeds arise great crops”

A sentiment that could certainly be applied to the famous Chinese medicine formula for male reproductive health and virility, Wuzi Yanzong Pian (which could be translated as Five Seeds for passing on the generations, or five seed abundant ancestors pill). This combination of five seeds has been used for at least 1200 years and is consistently being researched to determine its efficacy and benefits.

Gou qi zi – Fructus Lycii, Wolfberry, goji berry

Tu si zi – Semen Cuscutae, Cuscuta seed, Chinese Dodder seed

Wu wei zi – Schisandra Chinensis, schisandra seeds

Fu pen zi – Fructus Rubi, Palmleaf Raspberry Fruit

Che qian zi – Semen Plantaginis, Plantago seeds

A recent review article looked at the effectiveness and safety of Wuzi Yanzong Pill for the treatment of male infertility. The authors highlighted that there seems to be a correlative effect to increase sperm concentration, improve motility, enhance the activity of the acrosomal enzyme (to breakdown the outer membrane of the egg), and decrease sperm DNA fragmentation.

So what makes this formula so special you ask? The sum of its parts really, each of the seeds is pretty incredible but how they work together is the magic and the brilliance of this combination.

In my next blog post, we will highlight each seed and its role in the formula as well as how that seed contributes to male reproductive health.  More soon!