Does September feel like the new January to you?⁠

As nature begins its transition to autumn colours and shorter, cooler days, there is a natural change to the rhythm of our days as well. The return to routine always feels notable to me this time of year and as much as there might be moments of resistance to summer fading, I am also aware of welcoming the fresh start of fall and the new opportunities that are possible.⁠

One of the ways we can move through transition more gently, whether it is starting a new cycle of trying to conceive or a new season, is to be intentional with taking pause. Small moments of pause allow us to see things with more clarity and to make wiser, more compassionate choices.⁠

For example, the simple act of lengthening an exhale before we respond can be deeply impactful in the midst of a challenging conversation. Or when we take brief moments to connect with our body throughout the day, we might notice that we are thirsty and make the choice to drink some water (rather than continuing through much of the day being dehydrated!) or recognize that it is time to stand up from the computer and move or stretch for a few moments.⁠

Interested in learning ways to create sustainable, healthy habits and cultivate well-being on your fertility journey? ⁠

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Mindfulness for Fertility⁠

Info session: Oct.13 from 7-7:30pm⁠

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