“When a widespread difficulty like the Coronavirus pandemic grows, it becomes important to draw on our inner strength. It is the time to pause, reflect and bring wisdom, courage and care to ourselves and those around us. We human beings have survived for a thousand generations, helping one another and inspiring each other. We know how to do this. Instead of getting caught in collective fear and anxiety, we can remember to take a breath, center ourselves, and take practical precautions and protections, but calmly and in the spirit of love. Each of us can contribute to the well-being of ourselves, our communities and our world.” 

These words from a meditation teacher, Jack Kornfield, arrived in my inbox on the first day of our clinic closure last week.  Indeed this is a time of pause, in ways that none of us could imagine possible…personally and collectively.  The uncertainty of what will be and what is to come is deeply unsettling and I keep finding myself moving in and out of feeling overwhelmed.

I am certain of one thing though.

When I recognize that I am gripped with worry and I remember to breathe and centre myself, I am much more able to connect with myself and my loved ones with more gentleness and care.  Every time I realize I am contracted around fear, there is the possibly of releasing and choosing to soften and re-anchor myself. One way I find helpful to anchor is to connect with the direct physical sensations of the ground beneath me by noticing the points of pressure, places of contact, temperature, the felt sense of gravity and the weight of my body.  It’s such a simple act but it is powerfully stabilizing and gathers me back to myself again.

This lovely invitation from Jack to support the well-being of ourselves, our communities and our world both calmly and in the spirit of love keeps replaying in my heart and mind.

In this spirit of love, we are going to be sharing our “thoughts of the day” as we settle into this collective pause.  We also will be sharing some of the yummy recipes we’re cooking in our own kitchens, gardening tips from our work in our own yards, stretching and exercise resources we’re utilizing to keep moving, mindfulness practices that we find supportive and anything else we experience or read about that we find helpful ourselves.

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