As another year gracefully fades and a new one eagerly appears on the horizon, it’s natural for us to reflect on what we experienced the past twelve months and how well we moved through the world both physically and emotionally.

This process is, of course, the catalyst for many people’s resolutions for the new year. To what we bring our attention and awareness depends on much, but I am going to ask you to bring your reflections for a moment to your physical well-being. How did you feel the past twelve months? For which areas have you sought acupuncture or massage (or other) help? Are there areas of your body that you simply ignore, telling yourself that you’ll make time later to address them? Are there things you could be doing at home to help yourself?

I present to you a small but rewarding challenge: Ask each of your care providers what small, single thing you could be doing consistently over the next year to make a positive impact on your health. You may know the answer yourself, but the key is that the answer should require at most a modest amount of time invested per day, yet be as effective as possible over the next twelve months to reach the desired outcome. Small effort/big reward is the idea. This could be something as simple as stretching your hip flexors a total of two minutes a day for a week/month/year if you had been battling low back pain rooted in short/tight iliopsoas muscles and quads over the last twelve or less months. It might be making a small dietary shift like drinking more water if you tend to not get enough. These are not major sacrifices or restrictions I’m outlining, but subtle yet powerful ways to enhance your health. Note how you feel now and compare this feeling to the following year keeping in mind this “one small thing” you’ll have implemented. Week by week notice if you are closing distance on your desired outcome.

My belief is that you’ll see some very positive results with this simple and subtle approach.

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore, is not an act but a habit.” – Aristotle

Wishing you the best of health into the new year!